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Faculty and Staff Directory

Academic Administration
Bush, Diane - Principal
Mawn, Kevin - Test Prep Instructor
Medley, Patrick - Dean of Students
Reed, Colette - Registrar
Academic Resources
Monette, Pierre - Academic Resouces Liasion
Campus Ministry
Morton, Lauren - Campus Ministry
Buckner, Elisa - College Counselor
Feeney, Mary - College Counselor Assistant
Gonzales, James - Consulting Psychologist
Huff, Elizabeth - School Counselor
Johnson, Alexis - Alumni Coordinator
McSweeney, Julie - School Counselor
Nicpon, Lyn - Social Worker
Yun, Lesley - Social Work Intern
Bird, Emily - English Instructor
Davis, Danielle - English Instructor
Feldman, Robert - English Instructor
Pogue, Tammie - English Instructor
Rogers, Paul - English Instructor
van der Grinten, Jennifer - English Instructor
Foreign Langauge
Moreno-Pazmino, Elizabeth - Spanish Instructor
Perez, Bibiana - Latin Instructor
Stevenson, Ryan - Latin Inst & Data Analyst
Health Sciences
Isinhue, Daniel - Health Corps
Pecot, Marcia - Health Sciences
Moller, Hank - Human Geog & Bio Inst
O'Shea, David - History Instructor
Render, Brandon - History Instructor
Straube, Andrew - History Instructor
Walsh, Alicia - History Instructor
Dachille, Kevin - Math Instructor
Dudek, Casey - Math Instructor
Goncalves, Maria - Math Instructor
Nicholson, Stephen - Math Instructor
O'Donoghue, Brighid - Math Lab
Pendergraph, Andrea - Math Instructor
Thomas, Joel - Math Instructor
Vizcaino, Carlos - Math Instructor
Jajeh, Sami - Religious Studies Instructor
Marsden, Emma - Religious Studies Instructor
McGill, Alan - Religious Studies Instructor
Rivers, Robert - Religion Instructor
Adjei-Danquah, Eric - Science Instructor
Brown, Alissa - Science Instructor
Hinds, Stanmore - AP Science Instructor
Munoz, Rosi - Science Instructor
Straube, Andrew - Athletics Director
Barker, Joseph - Director of Admissions
McQuilkin, Ana - Admissions Coordinator
Lofton, Mikayla - Advancement Coordinator
Naughton, Camille - VP of Advancement & Corporate Partnerships
Corporate Work Study
Hollimon, Austin - Relationship Manager
McNish, Jo-Ann - Relationship Manager
Naughton, Camille - VP of Advancement & Corporate Partnerships
Powers, Esther - Relationship Manager
Wassenar, Cynthia - Director, Business Development
Campus Ministry
Kenny, Thomas - VP Mission & Identity
Varona-Farach, Bea - Dir. Communications & Special Projects
Trujillo, Maria - Facilities Management
Deutz, Kristi - Director of Finance
Sanchez, Christina - Finance
Williams, Deborah - Finance Assistant
Food Services
Boddie-Duncan, Julia - Food Services Manager
Human Resources
Richardson, Shatavia - Human Resources Manager
Santander, Jorge - IT
Office of the President
Garrett, Bill - President
Gentile, Nick - Chief Operating Officer
Vasquez, Isabel - Administrative Assistant