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Faculty and Staff Directory

Adjei-Danquah, Eric
Science Instructor
Barker, Derrick
Operations Manager
Barker, Joseph
Director of Admissions
Berry, Hurbert
Vehicle Operator
Bird, Emily
Boddie-Duncan, Julia
Food Services Manager
Brown, Alissa
Science Instructor
Buckner, Elisa
College Counselor
Bush, Diane
Dachille, Kevin
Math Instructor
Davis, Danielle
English Instructor
Deutz, Kristi
Director of Finance
Dudek, Casey
Feeney, Mary
Accreditation Coordinator/Assistant to the College Counselor
Feldman, Robert
Garrett, Bill
Gentile, Nick
Chief Operating Officer
Goncalves, Maria
Math Instructor
Gooden, Londreka
Vehicle Operator
Hinds, Stanmore
Hollimon, Austin
Relationship Manager
Huff, Elizabeth
School Counselor
Isinhue, Daniel
Health Corps
Jajeh, Sami
Religious Studies Instructor
Johnson, Alexis
Alumni Coordinator
Kassa, Selamawit
Vehicle Operator
Kenny, Thomas
Vice President for Mission & Identity, Religious Studies
Lofton, Mikayla
Advancement Coordinator
Marsden, Emma
Religious Studies Instructor
Mawn, Kevin
Test Prep
McGill, Alan
Religious Studies Instructor
McQuilkin, Ana
Admissions Coordinator
McSweeney, Julie
School Counselor
Medley, Patrick
Dean of Students
Moller, Hank
Dominican Volunteer
Monette, Pierre
Academic Support Liaison
Moreno-Pazmino, Elizabeth
Morton, Lauren
Campus Ministry
Munoz, Rosi
Science Instructor
Naughton, Camille
Vice President of Advancement
Nicholson, Stephen
Chemistry & Math
Nicpon, Lyn
Social Worker
O'Donoghue, Brighid
Jesuit Volunteer
O'Shea, David
Pecot, Marcia
Perez, Bibiana
Pierre, Lymicca
Director, Client Relations & Programming
Pogue, Tammie
Powers, Esther
CWS Relationship Manager
QuartermanWilliams, Debbie
Vehicle Operator
Reed, Colette
Registrar/School Operations Manager
Render, Brandon
History Instructor
Richardson, Shatavia
Human Resurces Manager
Rivers, Robert
Religious Education
Rogers, Paul
English Instructor
Samaniego, Erika
School Receptionist
Simmons, Bruce
Vice President, Corporate Work Study Program
Simmons, Michael
Facilities Management
Stevenson, Ryan
Data Analyst/Latin Teacher
Straube, Andrew
History, Athletic Director
Thomas, Joel
Math Instructor
Thompson, Cindy
Trujillo, Maria
Facilities Management
Varona-Farach, Bea
Communications Director
Vasquez, Isabel
Administrative Assistant
Vizcaino, Carlos
Walsh, Alicia
History Instructor
Wassenar, Cynthia
Director, Business Development
Williams, Deborah
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