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Message from the Vice President, Corporate Work Study

Dear Students and Families,

The Corporate Work Study Program offers an incredible opportunity for the students of Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School.


Students, you will learn work stills that will be valuable in your college and professional careers, including effectively communicating, both orally and in writing, organizational and problem solving, time management and how to deal with conflict.


You will be surrounded by professional adults who will be your Mentors, teaching you how to succeed in the workplace, and how to build your network of professional contacts.  


Families, you will watch your student’s confidence grow as they achieve success on the job, and begin to believe in their own potential. They can take pride in knowing that their work is paying the majority of the cost of their education. They will be exposed to a range of careers so they can make better decisions about their future studies and work.


Cristo Rey Atlanta is here to help. Throughout the year, our staff continues to work with students and their supervisors for a successful experience for all. The lessons that students learn in their corporate work study positions will enrich their high school experience, and prepare them to succeed in college, in their careers and throughout their lives.




Bruce W. Simmons
Vice President, Corporate Work Study Program
(404) 637-2877