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Mission, Beliefs, and Values


Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School is a Catholic learning community that educates young people of limited economic means, of any faith or creed, to become men and women for and with others. Through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, integrated with a relevant work study experience, students graduate prepared for college and life.

Root Beliefs

Our school community believes that:

  •        The human person is created to praise, revere, and serve God
  •        Cura personalis, or care of the individual person, is essential
  •        Quality education should be accessible to all, regardless of economic means
  •        All our students are capable of success
  •        Our faith promotes justice
  •        Excellence is intentional

Core Values

  •        Helping make Catholic education accessible to all
  •        Forming students of competence, conscience, courage, and compassion
  •        Human excellence and life-long learning
  •        Creating a safe and healthy school environment for all
  •        The care of all creation
  •        Being global citizens in dialogue with other religions and worldviews
  •        Being an active part of a global network at the service of the Society of Jesus
  •        Justice and Interculturality

Profile of a Graduate at Graduation (Grad @ Grad)

All graduates of Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School will be: 

  •     Open to Growth

    More open to different points of view and new experiences while growing in self-knowledge and self-control.

  •     Intellectually Competent

    Thinking critically and growing in curiosity to explore ideas and issues.

  •     Religious

    Communicating personally with God through prayer, both private and liturgical.

  •     Loving

    Trusting the love of God, family, and friends and putting love into action.

  •     Committed to Justice

    Being aware of the need for social change and learning ways to advocate for the less fortunate.

  •     Work Experienced

    Understanding what it means to be a professional; dependable, adaptable, ethical, and a team player.