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Program Overview

Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School empowers students to be college-ready and career-prepared with an innovative Corporate Work-Study Program that employs 100% of our students.

Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit provides students from underrepresented communities in the region with a rigorous college prep education and a unique Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) in which students work 1 day per week in over 130 companies in Metro Atlanta. Program fees paid by these companies enable the CWSP and Cristo Rey Atlanta to serve families that would not typically be able to afford a private high school experience.

Through the Corporate Work Study Program, students gain valuable real-world job skills, contacts, and experience that simply cannot be replicated in the classroom. Our job partners experience increased workplace morale from motivated employees who play a hands-on role in mentoring student interns.


We strive to provide an enriching environment where the students can find value in their work. It’s a meaningful opportunity for us, outside of our regular workload, to spend time with awesome students and invest in the future generation."

-Allison Laber, Kimley Horn


Benefits and Key Desired Outcomes

At the National Level...

Across the country, Cristo Rey Network Schools are changing the face of urban education in the United States by partnering with more than 3,200 businesses and serving 12,000+ students. Cristo Rey schools are the only high schools in the country that integrate four years of rigorous college preparatory academics with four years of professional work experience through the CWSP. 


Angela Acevedo

Director of Corporate Work Study